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Welcome to FEATURE ARTICLES Section

Welcome to the Nigeria Physiotherapy Network FEATURED ARTICLES section. Here we publish special articles written by distinguished Nigerian Physiotherapists.

Please read our Archives of FEATURED Articles Below:

 Author Title 
Prof. Joseph A. Balogun The Path to Destiny
Prof. Joseph A. Balogun Professionalization of Physiotherapy in Nigeria: Challenges, Threats and Opportunities
Prof. Joseph A. Balogun Our American Journey: Challenges, Threats and Opportunities
Prof. Joseph A. Balogun Descriptive Study of Professions in Nigeria
Prof. Victor Obajuluwa Strategic Giving to the Alma Mater, for the Academic Advancement of Physical Therapy Profession in Nigeria
Dr. Abayomi T. Oshin Physiotherapy in Nigeria: Yesteryears, Presently and in the next Millenium
Dr. Kamaldeen Sanni The Journey So Far: The Past, The Present and the Future
Emmanuel B. John, PT, PhD Relocating to the United States of America: Important Information for Nigerian Trained Physical Therapists
Emmanuel B. John, PT, PhD Commentary: 35 Years of Physiotherapy Education in Nigeria - Saluting the courage and sacrifice of the 'Production and Quality Control Managers' of the Nigerian Physiotherapy Industry