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Who is a Physiotherapist?

 A physiotherapist is a person who has gone through a rigorous Academic program in Physiotherapy in a University or equivalent Institution in Nigeria or Abroad; after which he/she is conferred with a Diploma, Bachelors degree (BScPT, BPT or BMR), Master of Physical Therapy degree (MPT) or a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT).

The normal course of the various Academic programs spans from 3-years for a Diploma (phased out in Nigeria in 1977), 4 or 5-years for a Bachelors (All programs in Nigeria now are 5-years leading to BPT or BMR Professional degree. A 1-year Internship under the supervision of Senior and Licensed Physiotherapists in Accredited Health Centers follows upon graduation from a School of Physiotherapy. This is done with a temporary License. After this, the Physiotherapist is then qualified to be fully registered and licensed by the Medical Rehabilitation Therapist Registration Board of Nigeria (MRTRB) to practice in Nigeria.

Ensure that your attending Therapist is licensed. Every licensed physiotherapist are to display in a conspicuous place in their facility their current Practice License.

Licensed Physiotherapists can be found practicing their profession in any of the following facilities:-

  • Teaching hospitals
  • Specialist Hospitals such as the National Orthopaedic Hospitals, etc
  • General Hospitals across the nation
  • Psychiatric Hospitals
  • Private Hospitals
  • Private Physiotherapy Clinics nationwide (See Online Directory Listing)
  • Research Centers
  • Sport Medicine Centers nationwide
  • Sports/Football Clubs
  • Universities offering Physiotherapy academic programs
  • Physical Fitness Centers
  • Industrial Clinics, etc
  • For further information on how to locate a licensed Physiotherapist, contact: