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The Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy Re-Brands: LAUNCHES NEW WEBSITE

Udoka Chris Okafor, PT, MSc - NSP PRODear Colleagues,

In a very bold step to rebrand the Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy (NSP) and Physiotherapy in Nigeria, the Jaiyesimi led National Executive Council of the NSP has redesigned and launched a new dynamic and fully interactive website. The new website designed with NSP members participation and interaction in mind has a lot of features. Some of the salient features of the new website to be enjoyed by Nigerian PTs at home and abroad include:

Membership Directory
Now you can track the progress and location of your PT colleagues. Members who sign up for an account are required to fill in a brief bios including their present job location and post graduate qualifications or experiences, etc. Only members with a User account can access the membership directory. Create an account today and locate or reunite with your classmates and colleagues. Members can also upload a passport sized photograph of themselves (100 x 100 pixels) into their PROFILE on the new NSP website. Let your colleagues see what you look like now!

NSP members with a user account can list or post any job openings/vacancies they know about for the benefit of colleagues. The NSP is also presenting Corporate organizations and PT Employers at home and abroad the opportunity to apply for corporate membership in order to post into the PhysioJobs database. Do you know of any PhysioRecruiters at home and abroad, ask them to apply for a corporate membership so they can post jobs on NSP website for free (Limited time offer!)

Events Calendar
NSP members are informed of professional events, conferences, workshops, seminars, etc taking place locally in Nigeria and internationally.

To eliminate lack of communication between NSP National Executives and members, the President, Secretary General and PRO has their respective blogs whereby they communicate directly with members of the society. Members can always post their comments in response to any PhysioBlog written by the President, Sec Gen or the PRO.

PhotoNews and Photo Gallery
This section contains photo/picture gallery of NSP local and international events.

NSP Conference Management System
With the 50 years Anniversary celebrations and the 49th Annual Scientific Conference of the NSP this October, 2009; the NSP has joined the vogue of using the current technology of Managing conferences online. With the Online Conference management system, participants can now submit their abstracts/papers online, reviewers will review submitted abstracts online, decision to accept/modify/reject abstracts are made online and communicated to the abstract/paper submitters by email. This system also has the special feature of On-Site registration to be done online at the conference site in October, 2009.

The National PhysioNews will also go online soon. This portion of the website is still being developed.

Nigerian News Online
With the intent to keep Nigerian PTs abroad up-to-date on issues back at home in Nigeria, the new NSP website also provide links to all major online newspapers in Nigeria, Africa and International.

JNSP Online
The Journal of the Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy (JNSP) has also gone online at http://www.jnsp.org. Henceforth, the Journal manuscripts submission, review and publications will be conducted online. The Editor-In-Chief, Dr. R.A. Adedoyin is calling on colleagues at home and abroad who may have printed copies of old JNSP editions to please donate such to the JNSP. The plan is to put all previous editions of the Journal online as well. Dr. Adedoyin can be contacted by email at: eic@jnsp.org.

This is a very interesting feature where members logged into their account on the website can make a physioshout! A physioshout is a shout message similar to yahoo messenger chat that can be posted by a member and other members will see the shout and respond appropriately once they too are logged in.

PhysioChats and PhysioForums
The NSP website also provide a link to the Nigeria Physiotherapy Network PhysioChatRoom where colleagues all over the world can meet to discuss issues pertinent to the principles and practice of phsyiotherapy at home and abroad. This chatroom also provide forums for Nigerian PT Schools Alumni Re-Unions. Different professional interest groups also have special forums to discuss professional issues; sections include orthopaedics and sports, geriatrics, paediatrics, neurology, community physiotherapy, etc. Members can sign up for an account and ask questions or post comments for other members to respond to....

Join NSP Online
This feature is still being developed. New graduates from PT schools or foreign trained PTs wanting to practice in Nigeria will be able to complete applications online, pay membership fees and renew membership online.

Online Membership Renewal and Payments
This feature is also in development. Very soon, NSP members at home will be able to renew their membership online and make payments using Nigerian Debit Card System (Interswitch, E-Transact, GTBank Webpay, etc). NSP members abroad will also be able to pay using paypal and other internationally issued credit card system.

Many more features are coming....
This new NSP interactive website is constantly being improved and more member focused features are being added at regular interval.

The Wikipedia Project: NSP and Nigeria Physiotherapy on Wikipedia
In furtherance of the NSP and Nigeria Physiotherapy re-branding efforts, information about the NSP and Physiotherapy in Nigeria has been added to Wikipedia. We invite colleagues all over the world to contribute especially to the NSP page on wikipedia. Please see the links below:
1. PT in Nigeria: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Physiotherapy#Nigeria
2. The NSP: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nigeria_Society_of_Physiotherapy

Our own Professor Arinola Sanya is already on wikipedia. We therefore invite and challenge colleagues around the world to also submit articles on Wikipedia about some of our senior colleagues who have contributed to the development of physiotherapy in Nigeria. See Professor Sanya's tribute on Wikipedia below; the article still needs more contributions:

This new NSP website is available 24/7, 365 days a year. We encourage all our colleagues at home and abroad to please visit the new NSP website, sign up for a user account so you can get listed in the Membership Directory.

Please forward any suggestion for NSP website improvements to me. We are here to serve you better. Let's join hands together as we re-brand the Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy and Physiotherapy in Nigeria. Please use the link below to forward this message to all Nigerian Physiotherapist colleagues on your mailing list.

Long live the NSP! Long Live Nigeria

Sincerely Yours,

Udoka Chris Okafor, PT, MSc
National Public Relations Officer and
NSP Website Administrator


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