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Abiodun Akinwuntan Promoted Full Professor

Abiodun E. Akinwuntan, PhD, MPHAugusta, GA: May 26, 2015
The Nigeria Physiotherapy Network (NPN) is extremely proud and happy to announce that Dr. Abiodun Emmanuel Akinwuntan of the Georgia Regents University (GRU, formerly Medical College of Georgia), Augusta, Georgia, USA has been elevated to the position of full Professor of Physical Therapy, Neurology and Ophthalmology. Promotion to the rank of full Professor in three departments simultaneously is a rare feat in academia and an attestation to Professor Akinwuntan's dedication, hard work, and professionalism.

Prof. Akinwuntan is renowned nationally (USA) and internationally for his expertise in driving assessment and rehabilitation after neurologic lesions. Prof. Akinwuntan's unique body of work consistently attracts attention (See PhysioPodcast section for some of the news clips on Prof. Akinwuntan's laboratory) and has seen him appointed to many prestigious bodies including the US National Transportation Board's Committee on Simulation and Measurement of  Vehicle and Operator Performance and the US Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration expert panel on strokes and commercial truck driving.

Prof. Akinwuntan is a 1994 graduate of the College of Medicine, University of Lagos (CMUL) BSc Physiotherapy program. He bagged his MSc and PhD in Neurological Rehabilitation in 2000 and 2004 respectively from the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium. He was appointed as a Senior Lecturer in 2004 at the School of Health and Bioscience, University of East London, United Kingdom from where he joined GRU in 2005 as an Assistant Professor. He was promoted to the rank of a tenured Associate Professor in 2010, and appointed Interim Dean for Research in 2012. He was confirmed as the substantive Associate Dean for Research in the College of Allied Health Sciences in 2014. Prof. Akinwuntan was a US Fulbright Scholar to the University of Lagos in 2013/2014, where he contributed immensely to several areas of research at the CMUL. A major highlight of Prof Akinwuntan's successful Fulbright program at CMUL is the initiation of a collaborative BPT/DPT degree program between the CMUL and GRU. In this program, beginning in the Fall of 2016, three 3rd year physiotherapy students from the CMUL will have the unique opportunity to travel to GRU to complete a 3 year DPT program, and then return to CMUL in their last semester to earn the BPT.  It is hoped that this innovative joint collaborative program between GRU and CMUL will further improve the quality of the pool of applicants to the physiotherapy program at the University of Lagos and increase the number Nigerian physiotherapists with DPT degrees. Currently, Nigerian physiotherapists are able to obtain a transitional DPT degree through the University of Michigan-Flint. Prof. Akinwuntan is a well published researcher with more than thirty-five (>35) peer-reviewed publications, mostly in high impact Journals.

Prof. Akinwuntan's quick rise in the academia has been followed with keen interest by the Nigeria Physiotherapy Network and colleagues from around the world and has become a source of inspiration to the younger generation of Nigerian educated Physiotherapists. We all rejoice with Prof. Akinwuntan and his family for this wonderful achievement. Prof. Akinwuntan can be reached at: aakinwuntan@gru.edu.

Congratulations Professor Abiodun Emmanuel Akinwuntan!

Professor Akinwuntan Presenting at a Conference

Emmanuel B. John, PT, PhD
Executive Editor
Nigeria Physiotherapy Network.

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