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Kolapo Hamzat becomes the Youngest Professor of Physiotherapy in Nigeria and Africa!

Professor Tal-hatu Kolapo HamzatThe Nigeria Physiotherapy Network invites all Nigeria physiotherapists at home and abroad to join us in congratulating and celebrating the youngest full Professor of Physiotherapy in Nigeria, and Africa, Professor Tal-hatu Kolapo Hamzat. Prof. Hamzat is a 1994 graduate of the premier Physiotherapy Education program in Nigeria, and of the premier University in Nigeria, the University of Ibadan.

The University of Ibadan after a thorough, and extended review of Dr. Hamzat's dossier, decided to not only promote him to full Professor of Neuro-Physiotherapy from the rank of Senior Lecturer; but also back-dated his appointment to the year 2009, therefore making him the youngest Nigerian trained physiotherapist to attain full professor status in Nigeria, and possibly, the youngest in Africa to attain such honor at 39 years of age! It is also important to note that Dr. Hamzat was recognized for his expertise in Neurologic Physiotherapy. He therefore also becomes the first to be appointed in Nigeria to a full Professor status with recognition of his area of expertise of Neurologic Physiotherapy; i.e. the first full professor to be honored with a specialty within physiotherapy.

This is a breaking news. Professor Hamzat has by the virtue of this promotion earned a spot on the Nigeria Physiotherapy hall of Fame. A more elaborate profile and expose on Professor Hamzat will be released shortly.

Please join us in congratulating Professor Hamzat on this great record breaking achievement! Help me to also congratulate his great mentors, (1) Professor Arinola Sanya, who also broke record as being the first female Professor of Physiotherapy in Nigeria, and the first physiotherapist in Nigeria to be elevated to the position of Deputy Vice-Chancellor at the University of Ibadan; (2) Dr. Kamaldeen Sanni, who is a 'smooth operator', when it comes to political activism, done with tact, wisdom, and maturity, and (3) TK's  other teachers, mentors, colleagues and students at the University of Ibadan who in one way or the other were played a part to his great achievement.

Indeed, our founding fathers/mothers still alive today, and our elders now can be proud and be rest assured that the future of physiotherapy in Nigeria is bright, and they can be confident that they will be able to safely pass the 'touch of physiotherapy' and 'baton of leadership' to a strong generation of younger colleagues, when they are ready to exit the stage!

Professor Kolapo Hamzat can be reached at:
Email:  talkzat@yahoo.com

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09:49:00 12.09.2012